Baby Womb World Thermometer

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Ear and Forehead Thermometer for Fever – Clinical Thermometer for Newborn and Adults – This brilliant thermometer has the latest Upgraded Infrared Lens Technology for Accuracy. Taking a baby’s temperature can be a hassle when they are sick or fussy. You will need a trusted thermometer that is easy to use and highly accurate for you to monitor your baby with a peace of mind. Using our latest 2019 Advanced-Sensor Lens, you will be able to get the best accurate temperature reading within seconds.

  • 3-IN-1 EAR AND FOREHEAD – Take readings for ear, temporal and ambient temperature. Convenient and your most trusted family thermometer for home use.
  • SAFE FOR NEWBORNS – Clinically tested to be safe for newborns for forehead mode. Only use the ear mode for infants above 3 months old.
  • APPROVED & TRUSTED BY DOCTORS – Clinically tested and certified to be reliable and accurate.
  • SOUND CONTROL – Silent operation especially for measurements at night.


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