Baltic Amber Teething necklaces

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  • REDUCE INFLAMMATION – Baltic Amber Necklace Jewelry Boosts your immune system and reduces drooling, dentition pain and inflammation with succinic acid
  • NATURALLY SAFE – We take great care in hand-crafting each Baltic Amber necklace. Every Baltic Amber piece is safety knotted and crafted from all-natural authentic Baltic Amber materials.
  • QUALITY COUNTS – We use the highest quality materials and pure 100% Natural Baltic Amber from the Baltic Sea in The Art of Cure Necklaces to help get the maximum amount of dentition pain remedies in the safest way possible.
  • CERTIFIED PURE – We’ve had our Baltic Amber scientifically tested to certify the Baltic Amber resin we use is 100 percent real so that you can feel safe confident when purchasing The Art of Cure products. Guaranteed.
  • Home Amber Test: Dissolve 1/4 cup Salt into 2 cups water and WATCH IT FLOAT!


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