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The word keeps buzzing about the elegant and sophisticated Mima Xari Stroller ever since Kourtney Kardashian was seen toting her little one around in it. The modern look and functionality of this stroller make it one of our favourite new baby products.

The first thing you notice about this stroller is the leatherette, available in Camel, Black, White, Argento (silver), Royal Blue and Champagne. The leatherette is a unique look that sets it apart from other high-end strollers. The shape of the seat and sturdy sunshade maintain a modern design that is comfortable for your baby.

The height of the stroller allows parents close access to your baby. And depending on what you and your baby prefer, the seat can be switched from forward facing to outward facing. The seat can also recline to several positions for comfort as well as change shape completely into a bassinet. This feature allows your newborn a comfortable nap in the bassinet and a stroll in the three positions of the reclining seat. When the baby grows too big for the bassinet, you can use the stroller seat up to 18kg.

The other features are big pluses for parents. The wheels are made of sports shoe technology that keeps the ride the smooth and tires from deflating. The storage compartments keep items safe from rain or from simply falling out. These compartments also maintain the sleek modern design of the stroller, keeping items hidden from view. Another great feature is the easy and compact fold for a sizable stroller. All you need to do is press a button for the folding to begin. And there’s no need to remove the seat or items in the compartments, it all folds together seamlessly.


The Luxurious Mima Xari Pram

mima xari

mima xari

mima xari

The Mima Xari pram can be taylor made to suit your tastes and preferred colours.

Choose your seat colour from Camel, black, white, argento, royal blue and champagne.

Choose your Cushions and lastly choose your chassis colour. Your completely customised pram.

There is a matching Mima car seat available in camel, black or white. This is the Be Safe iZi Go Modular car seat made especially for Mima in the leatherette finish.

To design your perfect Mima Xari pram go to: https://mimakids.com

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