Wreak Havoc Soft Toys

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Wreak Havoc Gifting imports and distributes innovative and affordable quality products. We are well known for our own brand of Plush toys and matching gifting items as well as always offering exciting products like reversible umbrellas, Bailey-Bunnies, flashing Christmas baubles and of course bag hangers and key finders.

We are super excited to launch Midler Toys in South Africa this show, which is an internationally recognised top-class educational toy brand. These toys help develop children’s fine motor, sensory skills, coordination and of course, are loads of fun too.

Our Plush and Midler range have both passed all the international testing standards which make them one of the safest in the market.

So if you are tired of stocking all the same gifting and kids items as all the other shops in your area, come past our stand for some refreshingly different options.


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